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Access to Pilates Studio B&B Kinshicho

Pilates Studio B&B Kinshicho

Sumida, Kinshi, 2 Chome 4-10, Lions Mansion Kinshicho 302, 130-0013 Tokyo
*We may not be able to answer the phone while in the middle of a lesson.

Open 10:30am to 10pm on weekdays, 10am to 8pm on weekends and holidays.

Closest railway station
JR Sobu Line/Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
Kinshicho station, 1 minute from the North exit


Our Kinshicho Studio

Our Studio is located 1 minute from the Kinshicho station, North exit.

It is equipped with the Clinical Reformer and Wunda Chair.

The CoreAlign unit was introduced in August 2012. Many of the unique exercises address an upright standing and walking, which are fundamental human’s body functions. The result is better athletic performance and improved leg line.

We have a variety of props like stretch poles, Pilates Arcs and balance balls too.

Movements using a Pilates Ring, or Magic Circle are exceptionally effective for improving hunched posture or stiff shoulders.

Footwork on the Reformer machine. A gold standard menu for toning up and strengthening a core and lower body.

Upright standing exercises on the CoreAlign mimic activities of daily living as well as athletic activities.

Studio B&B Kinshicho was reopened after renewal in November 2014.

We welcome you to come and enjoy you private lessons in this well-equipped yet tranquil studio.


Here is what our clients say about Pilates Studio B&B.

T.T (woman 30’s)

Since I was a kid I have not move a lot and have had many restrictions, so the gym was not an option for me. I was looking for a place that would be suitable for me, and finally I found it here. I realize my body is a hard one to handle, and I am extremely grateful to all the instructors for their efforts.

H.O (Woman, 50’s)

I can’t thank you enough. I appreciate so much all the trainers’ excellent job. Their cheerful and friendly attitude makes you feel that you are performing even difficult exercises well. I look forward to receiving all the kind words and hard words from now on too.

T.S (Man, 30’s)

Thank you. I could not live without Studio B&B, truly.

C.A (Woman, 40’s)

At the time I was starting practicing Pilates here I was having issues with neck and low back pain. My condition has improved dramatically. This is thank to all the instructors who listen carefully and guide me how to improve my health. Pilates is helping me to feel my body relaxed and comfortable, so I definitely will keep doing it.

Trial Lesson Application Form|Pilates Studio B&B Kinshicho

To book a trial lesson, please fill out and send us the below application form. You will receive an auto-reply e-mail. Then, our instructor will contact you to confirm your reservation. If you do not get an auto-reply e-mail, please contact us at 03-3626-760603-3626-7606.

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