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Our Pilates Studios are located in convenient and easily accessible places in Tokyo (3 studios) and Kanagawa Prefecture (1 studio).


※Currently English lessons are only being held at Tamachi studio, but lessons at the other studios are available upon request. Please indicate if you wish to have a lesson in the other studio, and we will arrange your appointment.

Pilates Studio B&B Tamachi/Mita

Minato-ku, Shiba 5 -31-15
Tamachi Agatsuma Bldg. 5th Floor, 105-0014 Tokyo

Call: 03-6435-3285Call: 03-6435-3285

Email: tamamita@pilates-bb.comEmail: tamamita@pilates-bb.com

Pilates Studio B&B Kinshicho

Sumida, Kinshi, 2-4-10
Lions Mansion Kinshicho 302, 130-0013 Tokyo

Call: 03-3626-7606Call: 03-3626-7606

Email: info@kaatsu-bb.comEmail: info@kaatsu-bb.com

Pilates Studio B&B Sangenjaya

Setagaya, Taishido, 2-7-1
Phenicia Sangenjaya first floor,
154-0004 Tokyo

Call: Call:

Email: sancha@pilates-bb.comEmail: sancha@pilates-bb.com

Pilates Studio B&B Musashi-kosugi

Kawasaki, Nakahara, Imaiminamicho, 26 -18
211-0064 Kanagawa Prefecture

Call: 044-982-1098Call: 044-982-1098

Email: musako@pilates-bb.comEmail: musako@pilates-bb.com

We will do our best to answer your phone call, but we have only a limited number of English-speaking staff. We would appreciate your contacting us by using the Trial Lesson Application Form, or emailing tamamita@pilates-bb.com first.