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Yutaka Tazawa

Yutaka studied Pilates with Christine Romani-Ruby, a founder of PHI Pilates, at her PHI Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh. Being a certified PHI Pilates Master Trainer, Yutaka's specialty field is sport performance enhancement and posture improvement. He is also one of the first-generation graduates of the Balanced Body's CoreAlign® Instructor Training Course held in Japan. After certification, Yutaka furthered his understanding of CoreAlign® learning from Katherine and Kimberly Corp sisters of New York Pilates, and from June 2013 directly from the CoreAlign® inventor Jonathan Hoffman. Yutaka is also a PMA certified Pilates teacher.

Currently Yutaka is pursuing his doctoral degree at Sports Science Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. His researches focus on "The structure of the brain - function and motor learning" and "Baseball and the brain structure".


Discovering Pilates broadened my coaching career, then concentrated around a free weight training significantly. I want still more and more people to experience excellence and power of Pilates with the collaboration of CoreAlign® unit, and help them transform their bodies into more flexible, graceful and beautiful. I am convinced that Pilates and ® also play an exceptionally big role when it comes to increasing sports performances. I would like to encourage many athletes to give it a try.

Yutaka is a founder and owner of Pilates Studio B&B.

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Hajime Kuroko

Hajime is from Tochigi prefecture.
After graduating from high school, he aimed to get a job as an athletes support professional and entered a collage with specialization in athletic training. Upon finishing a collage, in order to gain more knowledge and experience Hajime went to the U.S., where he earned a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on athletic training at California State University, Long Beach. As a student trainer, he worked with track and field team, American football and basketball team, and dance department at his university. During his 4th year at a university he got qualified as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC, in the U.S. a para-medical qualification).
After graduating from a university, through an internship he worked as an athletic trainer with the MLS team LA Galaxy.

After returning to Japan Hajime acquired the PHI Pilates teacher certification, as he wanted to provide personalized conditioning to everyone, athletes as well as the general population. He combines Pilates with his athletic knowledge and experience to contribute to health maintenance of his clients.


With my athletic training background and knowledge, I offer Pilates for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes, as well as correction of postural problems causing chronic pain and improving the quality of life for the general population. I look forward to helping you make your life better and happier.

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Ilona Roze

Ilona was born and brought up in Poland.
As a child, she was trained in gymnastics, which she continued for many years. At the same time, she had a strong interest in computers and information technology, and after graduating from a university she chose a career in computer engineering. Her career featured working for major IT industry corporates, such as NEC, Fuji Xerox and Ricoh.

Yet, long working hours and a sedentary lifestyle badly affected her health, so she started Pilates to counteract that negative impact. Soon Pilates proved to have a profound impact on her overall health, so much so that she got determined to obtain a Pilates teacher certification and make Pilates her full-time profession. Ilona is the BASI Certified Comprehensive Teacher, and the PHI Pilates Certified Comprehensive Instructor. Her lessons are a fusion of these two major styles: BASI emphasizing the latest science and functional beauty, and conditioning and injury prevention/rehabilitation oriented PHI.
Ilona also holds an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) certificate and a diploma in Thai Ancient Massage. She is also a PMA certified Pilates teacher.


Whether you are a dancer or an athlete wanting to improve your performance, or a company worker seeking a relief from chronic pain or tiredness, Pilates can help you. Get your body shaped, toned, and strengthened. Heal your mind. Balance your busy career. Looking forward to seeing you in our studio!

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